Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Fancy A Flutter?

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~ Fancy A Flutter? ~

Fancy A Flutter?, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

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If you're thinking of having heart flutters, some places in Paris are more propitious than others. The top of the Arc de Triomphe is one such. Gare du Nord is another. And a panicky international train station with worker ants and holidaying hornets swarming all over the place is probably a jolly good place to have one.

A defibrillator, that is. It's dead easy; you just open up the case, pop your ailing ticker into the machine, type in your credit card number, wait a while and out it pops again, as good as new! They do a special deal if you wanna croissant with it.

I'd just got off the Eurostar from the UK where they'd been Jubileeing it up for the Queen's Diamond do and I imagine there where quite a few loudly beating hearts as the thousand-odd boats sailed chugged and rowed their way down the Thames, what with lots of Brits being fairly patriotic.

All I saw was a bunch of soggy southern souls milling around miserably at Trafalgar Square looking despondently at a blank screen hilariously headed 'The Mayor of London proudly presents the Queen's Diamond Jubilee'. It must have been a black diamond screen I suppose. Did I mention it was chucking it down, by the way? Ahh, England... you've gotta love 'er (but give me French flutters any day).

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