Thursday, 14 June 2012

Flushed With Emotion

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~ Flushed With Emotion ~

Flushed With Emotion, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

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The folks down in the Tuileries gardens know a thing or two about public toilet management, make no mistake about it.

A not insignificant detail is that these behavioural instructions are only in English - draw your own conclusions, if any, from that.

And then there are the 'instructions' themselves. At the risk of 'explaining the joke', we're not in a toilet, but a 'bathroom' (our American friends oblige?), but in any case it seems the wearing of sanitary towels is a no-no, we must bear 'flushing' in mind at all times, and we shall be personally 'contolled' (controlled?), quickly followed by the 'booths' (voting?), although who's doing the 'contolling' and of what it consists remains worryingly unclear.

Maybe it's just me but the layout of the text gives it an almost poetic feel; that solitary 'and', the staccato delivery, the slightly surreal imagery; found verse at its best, with little to envy of some modern wordsmiths today if you ask me.

So if you happen to get the urge next time you're around Place de la Concorde, be prepared. Leave your sanitary towels at the door, fill your head with beautiful flushing thoughts and, above all, get ready for le contol right after the big event. You never know - it might not be as bad as it sounds.

And why not...
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