Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Lean, Green, Headbanging Machine

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~ Lean, Green, Headbanging Machine ~

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The little guy was actually bright red, but it didn't come out in the even brighter sunshine. Whatever, you could be forgiven for thinking he was telling you in no uncertain terms: "Whatever you do, don't risk your bones in this place!" And judging by the wacky angle of the door to the door frame to the wall I'd be inclined to agree with him... it gives a whole new perspective on why so many people wear presumably protective skullcaps in these parts.

This sort of structure is not uncommon in the Marais, where sometimes it looks like the whole place is creaking and about to crumble around you if you utter your shalom aleichems or your fabulous dahlings too enthusiastically.

It's not just relative hovels which have structural issues either. A wimsical wander through the Hôtel de Sully will reveal a couple of seriously seasick arches and door frames a long way from any oceanic disturbance.

Then again, there used to be a huge (sculpture of a) mole emerging from one of the neighbouring lawns transformed into a gigantic molehill, so maybe that has something to do with this creeping subsidence. Look, don't ask me, I just report what my eyes see, that's all!

Paris isn't the only place with this problem though. I was in London this weekend, and they say that in a few years we'll have a new tourist attraction which will no doubt be labelled 'The Leaning Tower of Ben', or some such. Just don't stand downlean of it - that's one headache you definitely don't need.

And why not...
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