Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Let Them Eat Grass

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Let Them Eat Grass ~

Let Them Eat Grass, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

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Witness the Tuileries' brand new, hi-tech lawn management system. You think I've goat to be joking but I'm not!

See for yourselves on a leisurely stroll around the gardens. There where it makes sense our horny friends are chomping and churning for all they're worth, which is probably not that much in comparison to a chap with a sophisticated machine to do basically the same thing.

The poor things are tethered, but don't seem to mind much as long as there's munching material close at mouth, which as you can see here there certainly is. It's about the last thing I'd have expected to see in one of the city's most prestigious green spaces, but how refreshing nevertheless.

I don't suppose they or their woolly or even mooey friends could do quite as perfect a job as necessary of mowing allthe lawns of Paris; here they are restricted to the side of this grassy bank unfortunately, but the thought, and the symbolic action is there.

You can't help wondering if the goats realise just how lucky they are to be tending the grounds of past kings and queens of France, but then again their lean-to green plastic thing is hardly the last word in animal shelters so maybe they're not that impressed after all.

And why not...
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