Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Montmartre Memories

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Montmartre Memories ~

Montmartre Memories, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

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This is the charming family I spent three full days with, going up, down, in and out of practically every major Parisian attraction you can imagine. And we walked. Oh boy, did we walk!

Rare is it that I'll publish such a people-y picture, but seeing as it's extremely 'artistic', which no-one could deny, n'est-ce pas, I thought I could get away with it.

Of course it's the Place du Tertre, up in Montmartre in the 18th, and we were lucky to stumble upon a marvellous artist who did great justice to the folks right at the end of the day, just before the light started to fade.

I always enjoy comparing the sitter to the sketch. Sometimes you wince and wonder what the client's going to think of the final result. No such worries in this case - they were all delighted with the result, which is good, as this was one of the most important planned events of the whole trip, so I'm relieved it wasn't a disappointment.

Have I ever had a portrait of myself done? Nope, not unless you count a scrawled biro brouillon in a pub by someone once which took about a minute and a half but was vaguely me-like I suppose.

Maybe I'll get this guy to do me, but then again I probably won't. I much prefer playing around with my own image and seeing what monstrocities I can come up with. Go here or here if you don't believe me... and besides, what if I didn't look any good... and what would I do with the thing anyway..?!

And why not...
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