Wednesday, 13 June 2012

No, Really, DON'T Walk

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ No, Really, DON'T Walk ~

No, Really, DON'T Walk, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

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Lest there be any doubt, this sign should make it abundantly clear: it's not particularly safe to go any further as a pedestrian unless smashed limbs are your own perverted fantasy.

This sign is actually funnier for me than some of those which have been officially articised.

You must have seen them, there's the little chap carrying away the white rectangle from the 'No Entry' sign, or using it like a car windscreen and so on. But this is real! This sign has seen better days. And you can't imagine anyone venturing down here who has their best interests at heart.

He's even lost a foot, and his head looks anything but healthy.

The 'security intervention brigade' was passing by, whoever they are, but they certainly add to the message of the photo and the 'dangerous' red and yellow go well together too I reckon.

The funniest things are sometimes not funny at all, if you see what I mean, and vice versa. As is often the case.

I passed it again just this afternoon, at Place de la Concorde, in the centre of Paris, and my wry observation was appreciated by my Paris Curios Walk clients. Seems the condition is contagious, and so much the better, that's what I say.

And why not...
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