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Plaque Avoidance Tactics

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~ Plaque Avoidance Tactics ~

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It hadn't registered with me that sidewalks could be 'smoking' until I realised that some aren't, as it were.

As an avid collector of sightings of unusual little blue Paris plaques, imagine my delight, then, when a friend told me about this, or indeed these cute beauties, because there are in fact four of them clustered around a school. This is a bit of in indictment on today's French society; I doubt that they are aimed at unthinking smouldering passers by who might cruelly pervert our innocent angels from the path of limpid-lunged righteousness.

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I'd say more French teenagers smoke than in the rest of Europe put together; so much for health education in collèges and lycées, not to mention FACs, eh?

The jury's still out as to whether I can include them in a future Top Ten Blue Paris Plaques feature, as I doubt they're exactly ancient, but I don't see why not; they're blue (and green), plaques, in Paris and authentic enough. I'm surprised more schools haven't taken up the initiative, although enforcing the edict would seem a bit ambitious. After all, pavements are public property and we're not yet New Yorkified enough here to have irritated shop assistants shouting at passers by to stop polluting their working environment; quite the opposite is the case, of course.

Innocent pedestrians now have to negotiate the first and second hand fumes of a thousand bored and skiving office workers any time they walk down a Parisian trottoir ever since the introduction of the seriously flawed prohibition on smoking in enclosed public spaces, thereby rendering every so-called 'open' café and restaurant terrace practically unbearable for fresh air breathers.

Oops, didn't mean to be a whinging pom, sorry about that. I'll get back to my virtual blue Paris plaque collection and anoraks and stamp albums and tooth brushes (there's some kinds of plaque I do try to avoid) and see you in July!

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