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Reasons To Be Cheerful: Paris

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Reasons To Be Cheerful: Paris ~

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You can't begin to imagine how pleasant it is to distort and destroy the 'original' colours of images taken only to be told how awful and 'artificial' and cheap and nasty they look by the haters.

There are others who quite like them, and that's the whole point: it's not really about 'pleasing' others, as such; it's about having fun and trying something different from time to time.

The complaint that my latest mindwarp has simply been achieved by using the newest such 'n' such application and that anyone could have done it seems about as valid as someone complaining that Renoir's or Van Gogh's or Picasso's efforts are banal simply because they used the latest type of paint available to them at the time. Or Rodin experimenting with a new chisel or type of sandpaper, I dunno.

Not that, in reality, many people moan. People, quite rightly, have far better things to do with their time, and if they haven't, more fool them.

This shot delights me... I'm not sure why, so I'll leave the explanation at: because I'm delighted by it. Maybe it's because of the way the appalling Montparnasse tower doesn't seem quite so appalling as it neatly splits both the top frame and the colour effect in two. Or maybe it's because I like the way the grass is all scuffed up, colour and texturewise by whatever app I used. Perhaps it's the way the grungy frame at the top looks like smoke pouring out of the aforementioned tower-cum-chimney griming putrid pollution down the sides of the photo. But maybe it's just because it's still cool to be on the Eiffel Tower after all these years. Yes, that's probably it.

And why not...
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