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Sauce On The Side

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~ Sauce On The Side ~

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Having just done the Eiffel Tower (on foot to the second floor), the Arc de Triomphe (on foot to the top) and the Notre Dame towers (on foot to the very top) in the space of two days, not only do I feel that my legs are going to drop off, but I've come to some unexpected conclusions.

It seems to me that I've listed the three above attractions in decreasing order of spectacular views but in increasing order of intrinsic interest.

Effectively, the principle attraction of the Eiffel Tower has always been the spectacular view from any of its three floors and especially the top.

The Arc de Triomphe distinguishes itself by the impressive set of twelve avenues radiating out from it, as well as one of the world's most nightmarish roundabouts at its feet.

But Notre Dame is different. Whilst the views are spectacular, of course, what I was most excited about what what i would see of Notre Dame itself which is not normally visible to the naked eye from the bottom.

I'm not talking about the gargoyles; any old gothic church in Paris, and even more modern ones like Sacré Coeur has gargoyles sprouting from every wall. No, I'm talking about chimera; mythical beasts; the most fantastic creatures you're likely to encounter this side of a Harry Potter book or an Avatar movie.

Our friend here is chomping cheerfully into what looks vaguely like a plucked chicken, but the resemblance isn't quite enough to prevent a certain queasiness nonetheless.

Some of the beasties are actually perfectly lifelike, such as the elephant or the pelican, although most of them spring straight from the sculptors' fevered imaginations. Watch this space and be afraid. And pray you don't end up as chicken too.

And why not...
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