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Wall To Wall Paris

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Wall To Wall Paris ~

Wall To Wall Paris, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

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Shakespeare & Company (I think it is here) and writers of books on Paris have a lot to answer for, as far as my wallet's concerned.

Actually, I don't have a wallet, just hundreds, or is it thousands, of €50 notes scrunched up vying for pocket space with old McDonalds receipts and battered business cards and assorted pieces of scrap metal (it's an abstract artist thang), such is the unpredictable parcours of this Paris blogger.

But the books. Oh boy, the Paris books. OK, I have my limits. Anything with food on the cover probably isn't going to get my vote. As I mentioned recently, I don't really do reviews or recipes, I leave that to those far better qualified than I. 'Guide' is another genre generally, although not always, worth avoiding like the plaque if you want to discover more esoteric exotica.

But put 'history', or 'secret', or oh my goodness 'curiosity' in the title and I'll probably buy three copies just in case.

I'm not joking; my two latest purchases are entitles Les Secrets de Paris and Curiosités de Paris, so you can see it's hardly original but it still does the trick as far as I'm concerned. Oh, that's not quite true; I picked up Stephen Clarke's latest, Paris Revealed, in London last weekend, subtitled, would you believe it... The Secret Life of a City (my bold non-italics)...

Sometimes I wonder just how many secrets or mysteries or indeed curiosities one city can hold, and it's true that a lot of what I read is now familiar to me. Such is the demand for this sort of information though, it seems like it's a virtually inexhausible vein for those who know where and how to tap.

As for me, I humbly do my reading, slog the streets, record as much as I can and publish lots of it on my blogs. I'm not claiming original factoids because there's very little about Paris which hasn't been written about many times over the years and centuries by far more knowledgeable enthusiasts than me.

But a lot of it's got to do with the presentation and accessibility, so hopefully there's still a good reason to try and offer up as much as I can.

The shot's been partly processed by that $1bn acquisition by Facebook, Instagram, maybe only the second time I've used it, and I really can't see what the fuss is all about. There are only a couple of settings I'd use regularly but I think the interest is more in the sharing and community options it offers, which I haven't yet discovered, so I'll leave it there until I have the vaguest idea what I'm talking about. And I've got books to read.

And why not...
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