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Wishing Well Whimsy

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Wishing Well Whimsy ~

Wishing Well Whimsy, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

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Curious indeed to find such a circular structure inside such a resolutely angular edifice. Be that as it may, this is the way up (or down) the decidedly un-arc-like Arc de Triomphe for mere mortals who haven't got a believable excuse for going up in the lift.

A spiral is no doubt the fastest way skywards, but also the most likely to set your head spinning and I can't help wondering what they've done with the corners they've economised on in such a curveless building.

Moving into another league altogether is the double helix staircase, of which I only know one in a building on one of the corners of the Palais Royal. Others tend to belong to Da Vinci influenced castles in the Loire valley and stuff, so we're fairly honoured to even have one in Paris I guess.

Other famous spiral staircases in Paris include the ones leading you up into the heights of the Notre Dame towers, and of course the sublime structure you see on all the ads for the Gustave Moreau museum in all its powder-pink glory. The Eiffel's staircases are classically rectangular as a rule, those going up the legs at least.

Which brings me full circle back to the last spiral staircase I've climbed, which you can see above, with that tiny circle of light at the bottom and the desperate arm clutching to the banister for support. I often wonder if it would be possible to jump right down the middle without getting caught up in the railings and battered to hell before, admittedly, smashing to a gruesome death on the ground below. I have no need to find out from first hand experience though, so don't worry about me. I'm much more of the contemplative type, and twirling steps give me plenty of that for now.

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