Thursday, 19 July 2012

Dark at the End of the Tunnel

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Dark at the End of the Tunnel ~

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Life is a funny old thing, isn't it? And death even funnier. The idea of the void, but not even that; literally nothing. Not even there to realise we're not there, literally not existing and not knowing we're not existing because we're... not existing. I know it sounds like I'm saying the same thing twice but it's necessary. The idea of not existing at all is quite difficult to comprehend.

I like to deal with it by trying to be as creative as I can in this life that I 'have', if one can 'have' a life, and imagine that when I'm gone people I have helped create will go on and might enjoy something of what I've done.

One of the things it's easier and easier to do these days is leave traces of our passing. The difficult part is getting rid of them! But what I really mean is something significant. I think that some of us would like to feel they have created something worthwhile which will stand up on its own once we've gone. Not passed on. Gone.

My own attempt, and it's happening here and now before your eyes, is to publish photos and words which, for what they're worth, which isn't for me to say, will be around once I've left the land of the living.

It's quite a nice thought that someone might spend some time checking them out and perhaps smile at the finesse and futility of some old codger taping and clicking away for all he's worth, and in the end, yes, that's probably all I'm worth. That makes me smile, and so it should for I'm not going to be doing any smiling once the dark at the end of the tunnel has envelopped me.

And maybe it is for us to say that, yes, that was quite good, that thing I've just done, and not for anyone else to judge. That's why I abhor competitions and critiques and condescension, even though I've been guilty of all three far more often than I'd like to admit.

I always say to people about their pictures or anything else they're trying to create, that if they like it, it's a success and stuff the rest. Then they can look to 'improving' it if they wish, but that fundamental feeling of pleasure or satisfaction at having created something which didn't exist before and has in some way improved your existence is primordial and the thing to hold onto and treasure. And share with those who care. They are there.

And why not...
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