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Don't Lose Your Head

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~ Don't Lose Your Head ~

Don't Lose Your Head, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

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Just read a chapter from a book called 'Do llamas fall in love?'. The chapter itself was equally puzzlingly entitled 'A goat with gaps' and asked me how sure I can be that my hypothetical goat, returning from a brief spell away, is really my goat, even if all the signs and signals tell me it's so.

I won't go into the details because someone's already written that book and I can't be bothered adapting it to some Parisesque version, but what if...

What if Marie-Antoinette, or someone who looked suspiciously like her, suddenly poked her head out from behind that pillar and said 'peek-a-boo!' or its French equivalent? We're just around the corner from the cell where she spent her last hours before feeling the celestial meat cleaver's final chill...

It's the Conciergerie and that interplay of curves and lines and shadows is quite sublime. The whole hall is a miracle and I'm only disappointed you can't get into one of the medieval towers you can see from Seineside, as that would be intriguing.

Do llamas fall in love, you may be asking yourselves as we wrap up this little piece, and I'm kinda feeling I should answer that question - hang on... oofff! Just read it, and it's a bit complicated, but ultimately, no, llamas do not fall in love, sorry. This despite the ear-nibbling, snout-snuggling, monogamous behaviour we might like to associate with lurve as we understand it.

It all comes down to beliefs - beliefs and concepts about what love is and because llamas ain't got language they can hardly be waxing lyrical about each other in the way we might be tempted to imagine them doing. That's enough. Marie-Antoinette's losing her head over all this metaphysical musing... that is Marie-Antoinette, isn't it? It certainly looks like Marie-Antoinette...

And why not...
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