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Embroiling The Royals

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Embroiling The Royals ~

Embroiling The Royals, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

BONUS: For Street Photography Fans!

You see a lot of beautiful bikes in Paris. Many of them Harleys of course, but every now and then a real gem turns up, like this magnificent Royal Enfield spotted just off the Place de la Nation.

But what's the behind-the-scenes story, Sab, I hear you all crying...

Ah hah, but well, there is one, of course. I'm from Enfield! Over twenty years of my life, give or take, spent in this unassuming North London borough. How funny it is to see my home town's name emblazoned on such a mighty beast as this off one of Paris' grandest roundabouts.

Then again, the London Borough of Enfield has another claim to fame apart from the bikes and the odd country house or two: weapons.

The bonus photo I'm including here (I couldn't resist) pays homage to this fact. 'Made like a gun', they proudly proclaim, and it's a powerful image. Visions of bullets and cannon balls screaming from smoking barrels surge forth, err, don't they?

I don't even know where the factory is, nor whether it's still in operation, but the story's a nice one nevertheless. Here's to Enfield, folks. Royal Enfield and Paris. Heck, with all the military, armoury and regal legacy they share I reckon they should be twinned and I'm going to write to Segolène Royal to demand of her ex M. Hollande that it be so. They get on well too, don't they?

And why not...
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