Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Flocking Marvellous

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Flocking Marvellous ~

Flocking Marvellous, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

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The personages populating Paris are legion, and none more so than those lining the wide corridor leading from the Place du Trocadéro et du 11 Novembre down to the Trocadéro gardens and the Place de Varsovie and over the Pont d'Iéna to the Eiffel Tower itself. Quite a view.

And our hero, or heroine, here couldn't have chosen a choicer spot.

We're talking, of course, about none other than Patricia Pigeon herself, hailing from a long line of proud Paris poopin' an' preenin' pigeons going back to the glory days of both world wars and their homing homies and beyond.

Paris and pigeons go hand in claw, and there's barely a statue I know which hasn't been crowned by a grey crooner or its ejections at some time or other.

Life isn't all roses and discarded doughnuts though. If you look closely you'll see a large number of our feathered friends are missing a foot. This isn't a genetic mutation but a miserable piece of mammalian mischief if rumours are to be believed. Forget cats on hot tin roofs; we're talking birds unwittingly wading into footbaths of burning acid, hence lack of appendage.

Not our Patsy's problem though. She's found her ideal spot, for now, on top of Goldie's head and a lovely spot it is too. Until some bright spark decides to give Goldie a slender spiked tiara and deprive our winged ones of another resting place for their weary feet (foot).

Some think of them as flying rats. I prefer to consider them my equal, and just as welcome to the city as we are, in their current proportions. After all, we're lacking enough wildlife as it is; no need to destroy what's left. They're kind of honouring us, in a way. Be seeing you Patricia. Keep your pecker up!

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