Friday, 6 July 2012

Play Me, I'm Yours

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Play Me, I'm Yours ~

Play Me, I'm Yours, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

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There's a strange phenomenon in Paris at the moment. Pianos are plonking themselves down in the most unexpected places and just... sitting there, almost as if simply waiting to be played by any passing Tom, Dick or Hervé.

And they are. Playing them, I mean.

Maybe the fact that they all have a huge sign saying 'Play me, I'm yours', in English, no less, has something to do with their success. Indeed, I haven't passed one (I've passed about three) which wasn't having its declared desire requited in the most delightful manner.

It makes you wonder just how many closet pianists there are, wandering around amongst us, just waiting and dreaming for their moment to come. In Paris it seems to have, and a couple of them had gathered quite a crowd.

It reminds me of the old piano in Shakespeare and Company you can often hear tinkling away up on the first floor as someone tickles the ivories and ebonies (or is it just plastic these days) to their heart's content.

There is one more thing to say about this; each piano has been decorated. Not just by anyone, but by invited (I presume) artists of various ilks, from street to, well, bathroom (or is it metro) tilers if this one is anything to go by.

Once again I wasn't invited but one day my chance will come, my star will shine and my brush will swish over the designated surface. Until then I'll just wander around humbly humming multicoloured masterpieces to myself enjoying others' 15 minutes of fame.

And why not...
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