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Reflecting On You

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Reflecting On You ~

Reflecting On You, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

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Some say photography's all about light. Others consider capturing 'the decisive moment' all important. Gear freaks might consider the technical perfection of the image the acme of success. Personally, I lean towards the 'sensitivity of the photographer' viewpoint.

But if we take that first point: photography's all about light... Even if that's not how you approach the topic there's no denying it's true. No light (even just a tiny little weeny bit), no photo.

Here we're looking at light (is that actually possible, by the way?) which is bouncing off the floor towards us (let's pretend it is). But the floor which is being illuminated in such an attractive way isn't being totally illuminated. And funnily enough, it's where the light isn't hitting it which actually gives us the attractive pattern in the first place; it's the absence of light in some parts which pleases us most.

As you will have guessed, the sun is streaming through an obstacle in order to give us these nice patterns, an upside down pyramid in the underground Louvre shopping centre in Paris as it happens. There light has two challenges to address before reaching the floor: the upside down base of the pyramid and one of the sides, which gives us the two levels of sharpness of the pattern on the floor and makes it all the more interesting.

The funniest thing of all is that if you just turned off the sun we'd be back to boring old floor tiles (still reflecting some sort of light, nevertheless) and this article, perhaps thankfully, wouldn't even exist.

It's a bit like a hello or a smile. You don't have to say hello or smile at someone, and often you certainly don't feel like doing so, but if you do you generally get a bounce back; a reflective effect if you will.

Think about it: if you smile at someone, and if your teeth are sufficiently shiny, that smile will be bounced right back atcha. Same with the hello. Unless they're a particularly unreflective git in which case stuff 'em and move on to a more reflective mug... Talking of which...

Maybe we can also consider ourselves as having a certain amount of built in reflectiveness or reflectivity. The more you have, the more outgoing and personable you are. The more you keep it in, the more miserable you become. There, I've found my link between my humble image and the whole of humanity, so that'll do for today. Job done. Marvellous. And what do you think? ;~S

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