Thursday, 12 July 2012

Thinking The Unthinkable

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~ Thinking The Unthinkable ~

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If there's a place which always seems to capture people's imaginations, it has to be the Palais Royal with its black and white Buren columns having everyone reaching for their cameras and striking some highly doubtful poses.

This little chap's just taking a breather from running around like a lunatic. Sorry for dissing lunatics - I was going to say 'like a headless chicken', but apart from that being a horrendous cliché I realised I've never actually seen a headless chicken and don't like to base my life purely on heresay...

Anyway, a rare contemplative moment in his lively little life, probably deciding which column to jump onto or over next. The last bunch I was here with did the classic heads sticking out from a row of the things. I always wonder who actually said, 'Well, ok' to these things even existing at all, with the same going for the Louvre pyramid; who actually had the guts to say... yes!

It's part of our culture now though and there'd probably be an uproar if some other bright spark decided to put things back how they were in the old days. It'll take another revolution or two for that to happen I guess, but knowing France it's not unthinkable. The unthinkable trouncing the unimaginable... now there's a thought.

And why not...
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