Thursday, 9 August 2012

All Cut Up

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ All Cut Up ~

All Cut Up, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

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Always liked this sculpture - you can hardly call it a statue - and only today, right now in fact, I've realised something.

I've realised that it's just two women, chopped in half and intermingled with each other. Before now I thought it was just a random mixture of body and instrument parts, but no, it seems. I wonder how they feel about it. Pretty cut up I reckon. And my photograph doesn't seem to be in much better shape either, does it?

During the hiatus where I couldn't use my photo I took a few pics on an iPhone 4G. My challenge now is to transfer them to my own phone in order to play around with them. I could try in on the original but that phone, which isn't mine, doesn't have all my funky image mashupulation apps I have.

Then again, with sculptures like this you hardly have to play around with them - they're bizarre enough as they are! I'll have to find some more like this one. And there are folks, in Paris there are...

P.S. You'll hate me for this, but as I was writing this piece I got that old Elvis classic, 'I'm in Paris... I'm all cut up' into my head and can't get it out. You know the one..? And now you'll have it there too, right? If you know what I meme. ;~S

And why not...
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