Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Autumn Comes A-Creeping

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Autumn Comes A-Creeping ~

Autumn Comes A-Creeping, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

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Well, my little trip to Paris went very well. I was with a client, so taking shots for this blog wasn't my main concern but I got some stuff to play around with nevertheless.

And here in mid-August (despite what the date says - I'm waayyy behind) it looks like autumn is getting ready to set in already.

It's true that you can start to see leaves leaving trees as early as the start of summer, but yesterday it was clearly getting set up to set in, and I'm not sorry; autumn is a far more rewarding season than summer I find.

So I'll leave you with these hardened handbag honeys from that mecca of all things dearly designer - the 6th arrondissement on the left bank as autumn creeps up behind them unexpectedly. Luckily their matching accessories aren't too far off the coming seasonal colour scheme...

And why not...
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