Thursday, 16 August 2012

Bastille Platform Storm

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Bastille Platform Storm ~

Bastille Platform Storm, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

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Getting away from street art for a while, here's a strange sight for hungry eyes getting off the line 5 at Bastille if I remember rightly, coming up from Austerlitz.

Bastille is right, because that's exactly what we're looking at, or part of it anyway. This isn't quite part of the actual fortress/prison but part of the escarpment or counterescarpment or whatever it is in English. But it's close enough.

Strange to think, going by the accompanying diagram, that standing here on this platform we'd actually have been within the boundaries of this legendary place of fear and loathing, and finally liberation.

According to the panel, part of the corresponding wall on the other side of the defensive trench is also to be found in the underground labyrinth, but after a few minutes traipsing around the tunnels I gave up in disgust.

It's a nightmare down there! By the way, as a bit of trivia, for the price of knocking a hole in one of the metro tunnel walls we could have direct and easy access to the Colonne de Juillet. They don't want to do it though because people would have to buy a ticket to the metro to access it and it gets all complicated and messy, so no column climbing for us for the time being I'm afraid, just battlement bustling.

And why not...
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