Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Boy Oh Boy

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Boy Oh Boy ~

Boy Oh Boy, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

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Don't ask me who this little chap is or what he's doing there at such a strange angle. Oh yes, it's he who is at an angle, if you think about it, and not everything else...

But the lines are cool, those on his pullover seeming to continue those on the iron curtain he appears to be observing so attentively. You could even say he has a penchant for it.

This gets me onto graffiti and even more so street art where I can't see what they are trying to do. It intrigues and irritates me in equal doses.

Why put a cut out picture of this little boy here? What is the point or what are they hoping to say? I don't know I'm afraid, but maybe that's is the point. It's not for them to explain their art, but that's the tipping point of my tolerance sometimes. When I literally have no clue as to why, and then a new, darker flavour of why starts bugging me. More of why the hell... and I'm not sure if that's healthy!

Oh hang it, all art's healthy in the end, as long as it's not gratuitous and those are lines society itself draws, which perhaps even art is somehow bound to conform to. Which probably bugs some artists no end but hey, either you learn to be creative and original given certain constraints or limits, or you hit a hinterland where you cease to be able to make your art any more because nobody recognises it as such.

Oh boy! Where did all that come from?!

And why not...
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