Saturday, 18 August 2012

Chalk Mark Champ

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Chalk Mark Champ ~

Chalk Mark Champ, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

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The bright bit you can see in the top left of this picture is actually a bit of Parisian skyline reflected in a gallery window.

The gallery is displaying a whole bunch of timepieces immortalised in some sort of plastic resin. None of them seem to be working. Time is standing still. I wonder where it will be in a hundred years' time. Proudly displayed in someone's living room, or in an art gallery or collecting dust in the artist's ageing great granchildren's attic.

Dust, the verb, is an autoantonym, by the way. It's its own opposite. You can dust crops by putting dusty stuff on them, and dust a shelf by taking dusty stuff off. Fascinating. I'll be on watch for more of those, and feel free to watch out for them too on my behalf.

At least, if this opus stays in tact, they dust won't actually attain the watches themselves. Would you buy it? I didn't look but I'll bet it costs thousands. Well, to me it's worth exactly what I paid for it, which was nothing, but maybe someone will think otherwise. Watch this space and I'll tell you if it's gone next time I'm passing time in that neighbourhood...

And why not...
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