Saturday, 11 August 2012

I'll Be Your Mane Man

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ I'll Be Your Mane Man ~

I'll Be Your Mane Man, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

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Do you ever feel like you're going round in circles all day and every day? Well this guy certainly does.

For an rather astronomical €8 you can take him and a child on top on a tour of the lake for about 15 minutes. It's a nice thing to do if you've got a while to kill but it does set you off thinking about the meaning of things.

However, I've waxed miserable about people whose jobs take them round in circles often enough here so I'll spare you that for today.

Latest news on my poorly iPhone 3GS (no less): it's working again! But only just.

This shot here was again taken on a borrowed iPhone 4 then transferred over but it's not seeming to want to repeat the trick with my remaining parky shots.

Anyway, I'm pleased to see that despite the supposedly increased resolution I was able to render the above opus as grimy and grotty as usual. That's the way I do things more often than not and I'm not quite ready to break out of that circle quite yet.

But when the iPhone 5 arrives (heart pounding) we'll have to reassess things. Until then enjoy the mane shot while it lasts...

And why not...
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