Monday, 20 August 2012

Locked On Paris

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Locked On Paris ~

Locked On Paris, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

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Kitch as you like but kinda cute I guess. We're here on the Pont des Arts of course, looking at a particularly 'touching' couple of lover's locks, linked by a heart-shaped Paris trinket. Ahhh...

As I keep mentioning, they risk being taken away though as all the locks are damaging the barriers, making them unsafe and giving the authorities the perfect excuse to get rid of the things.

I guess about 12 years ago I might have put my own lock up somewhere but these days it's so common I think we need to find a new, more original way of sealing our lurve.

I don't have any ideas though. Some attach their locks in less conventional places such as on statues, but they'll almost certainly be removed pretty quickly. Others still do the old graffiti thing, but that's so teenagery it's almost a joke.

Why not spraying your love on the sidewalks of the city on the route of your inamorata's way to work - that's pretty cool, if a tad embarrassing for the concerned party. In a worst case scenario she may end up thinking you're just a bit too nuts to continue with, which would rather defeat the purpose.

Anyway the locks are still going strong for the time being, and my photos of them apace. They're becoming a bit like the Eiffel Tower - something which you can't help photographing on a regular basis but which has to be taken from a different angle each time. For the moment, ça va.

And why not...
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