Sunday, 19 August 2012

Causeway of the Condemned

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Causeway of the Condemned ~

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The strangest thing. And this is no joke. I'm finding it harder and harder to justify taking one step after another.

Now that sounds strange, let me clarify. When I run, I find myself dividing the last few turnings into numbers, so I can count them out - that's three... two... one... and I'm home!

But what's infinitely more worrying is that when I'm out walking, even if it's just to the supermarket around a few corners, I can't help asking myself why I'm spending my life walking along these aimless corridors.

Well, there is an aim, but it's one I'm having more and more difficulty focusing on.

I'm finding that I need to be spending more and more of my life on producing and not just 'hovering'. But this is not good, I recognise this. We need time to reflect. But for me, walking to and from the supermarket isn't it. Although it could be.

The paving stone you can see in the photo above... isn't. It's one of the supports for a gallows which hung hundreds of people way back when, but only a few generations. Now it sits quietly along with its four sinister sisters on an anonymous street in the 11th. Until the next time.

As for my worrying wanderings, I don't know what I'll be doing with them, but if anything significant happens, rest assured, I'm sure I'll find a photo to coerce into the conspiracy of my coagulant cogitations.

And why not...
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