Saturday, 28 July 2012

Pigeon Pie in the Sky

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Pigeon Pie in the Sky ~

Pigeon Pie in the Sky, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

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Life can be cheap in this city, as we see in jewellery shootings, homeless hovelling and pigeon pasting.

Here's one that didn't make it, nimble as these birds tend to be. They also tend to be terrible risk-takers and sometimes their daredevil bravado pays its price. And not a pretty one at that.

Ever since the new bike lanes really got established there's been a spate of squished, or at least seriously shaken cyclists trapped by hastily right-turning motorists, but I haven't heard of quite such a gory accident as the one above.

It was probably the victim of a parked car which unexpectedly started moving as our beaky friend was trying to extract some tasty tidbit from under a wheel. Now it's the crows that deal with him in a like manner no doubt.

I'm actually seeing more and more incidents where pushchairs (with kids in) are not seen by cars which are either parking or temporarily stationary at lights and the peril is certainly real.

So let this be a warning to you; even feathers and flight don't always save you from the traffic's terrible teeth, so be prudent, or risk becoming pavement pizza, in Paris which is all too used to slimy sidewalk scenarios.

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