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Slivers of Life

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Slivers of Life ~

Slivers of Life, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

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It's always worth sneaking a peek through a slowly closing heavy studded wooden door when you get the chance, especially if you find yourself in Paris of a sunny afternoon. That should be 'doorway' for the sneaky peek, of course.

As often as not there's something interesting to be spotted, even if it's just an unexpectedly leafy courtyard. Sometimes it's much more interesting: an enigmatic statue; tombstones in the gutter; old water pumps; sun dails; horse mounting posts...

But those are stories for other days. Today I'll leave you not knowing exactly what's through this deliciously decorative doorway. To encourage you to look for yourselves.

Actually, on closer inspection, this picture does reveal some very real blasts from the past - potentially two forms of the devices designed to protect buildings from horse-drawn carriage wheels and loads. What are they called anyway - there must be a special name for them - they surely can't just be 'bollards'..?

The city used to contain thousands of horses in the days before motorised vehicles, and you can still see plenty of these items all over the city, particularly at the bottom of larger ached double-doorways, in all shapes, styles and materials (but usually metal or stone).

And why not...
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