Friday, 10 August 2012

Swingers Old and Young

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Swingers Old and Young ~

Swingers Old and Young, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

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You pays your euro, you gets your five minutes. Which is my excuse for unusually including a pic of the sprog in the Parc Montsouris, one of my 'locals' although I'm not officially living in Paris at the time of writing. Having run around the damn thing about a thousand times I'm still considering it my own...

He's on a charmingly old-fashioned looking sort of pull 'n' swing thing, which rather much sums up the whole atmosphere of Parc Montsouris, perhaps in common with Parc des Buttes Chaumont and Parc Monceau come to think of it.

There's merry-go-round and ducks on the lake and sandpits and statues and ice cream stands and a café and it's all very nice. Oh, and runners.

Boy oh boy are there runners. I didn't realise just how many of this sub-species there were until I actually tried walking around the place at mule's pace (towing a mule with aforementioned sprog mounted aloft, as it happens), it's like a plague.

They're forever nipping under your armpits or getting caught between your toes and are quite the nuisance I have to say. Sorry for those thousand laps, folks, if I ever annoyed you on a lazy Sunday saunter - that ball of sweat sweeping by was I, but those days are long behind me now, I'm vaguely pleased to say, in a rather nostalgic way...

And why not...
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