Friday, 27 July 2012

This Is Not A Blogpost

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ This Is Not A Blogpost ~

This Is Not A Blogpost, originally uploaded by Paris Set Me Free.

BONUS: For Street Photography Fans!

Whether this comment - Ceci n'est plus un mur (This isn't a wall any more) - is a Magrittesque existential observation or a homage to the Space Invader piece above the street name plaque is unsure.

It's true that the Invader characters really have invaded the whole city and reached a popular, if not official, level of acceptance that almost ligitimises them. They are, however, far from ligit, and one of the only reasons far more of them haven't been removed or vandalised is that they are so damned high up.

With over a thousand of the things menacing the city's first floors you'd think that the image of a guy on a ladder must be a common night-time sight in the Paris streets, but I must admit I've never seen him.

Which makes me itch to get more of my infinity2 stuff out there. Maybe some 'You are not here' pieces to complement my Vous êtes ici (You are here) series, or some similarly themes work.

I should have a bit more time next week so maybe I'll do a bit of invading myself for a change... watch out!

And why not...
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