Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Are You There, Paris?

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Are You There, Paris? ~

Are You There, Paris? by Paris Set Me Free

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This one's part of my 'Totally Crap Paris' series over on Paris If You Please, but I thought I'd share it with you here just in case you thought I was getting too touristy with my shots of Eiffel Tower keyrings and cute graffiti and sober statues and goodness knows what else.

This is pure, pristine Paris grunge, and there's plenty of it if you just get a little off the beaten track, and often on it too. This is just behind the Institut de France, opposite the Pont des Arts. Whether Paris is there or not, or whether the scrawler found the Paris they were looking for is anyone's guess.

There are plenty of people who come here looking for... something, even if they're not really sure what it is. Sometimes they wait for it to find them, and that can take some time. Which is one of the reasons some of us have been here nearly twenty years. Either we've found the mythical 'it' and chosen not to leave, or we're still looking and hoping. I'll let you decide what my case is. What's yours?

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