Saturday, 25 August 2012

Cunning Punts & Other Stunts

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Cunning Punts & Other Stunts ~

BONUS: For Street Photography Fans!

My Paris and I creative process, for what it's worth, goes something like this.

Hit the streets of Paris with camera in hand. Wander around with my eyes wide open, looking for anything interesting. Something strikes me as interesting and I try to photograph it even more interestingly than reality. Sometimes I succeed.

Get rid of the total crap on the train ride home if I'm feeling disciplined. More often than not, though, start working immediately on the pics I like the best. Play around with them in one of several iPhone apps I use regularly. Have fun. Publish to Flickr, either on the train or at home.

Go to Flickr at some later point and see what's sitting there, waiting for words, coz I do words with my pics, you know...

Let the photo inspire some thoughts and start getting them out there. Polish up article. Sometimes not. Publish to Blogger. Tidy up obvious cock-ups. Publish to Facebook. Watch visitor count mount for a while. Enjoy. Bask in joy of three and a half views, two of them mine, no, four. Move on.

And that's about it. Back to the Wall. Getting stuff out there. Of Innocents or Facebook.

They say the internet never forgets. For me, in that case, it's way too late. To preserve any semblance of anonymity. Seems. Futile. Although... it all may be a mask, have you considered that. Affront. Just to be blunt. Another cunning stunt  ;~S

And why not...
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