Sunday, 2 September 2012

Feats of Adaptation

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Feats of Adaptation ~

Feats of Adaptation by Paris Set Me Free
Feats of Adaptation, a photo by Paris Set Me Free on Flickr.

BONUS: For Street Photography Fans!

Not my feets, but if you looked to the left, ever so carefully, you'd see another couple of pairs of clawing paws, on an apple that was...

Well, no, not in this pic you wouldn't, but you would in another I took of this same platform track just a few seconds later.

A tiny bit of existence, a schnit of a thing, precisely the same colour as the dusty grey gravel he's rummaging amongst.

I did take a photo, and I did get him, but so good is his camouflage, and so tiny is he, it's really not worth publishing, so I'll try to get your imaginations to do the work.

Or not. About the size of a largish piece of gravel. Exactly the same colour as a chunk of aforementioned gravel. At the same height, lie and attitude as a morsel of godforsaken gravel. You can start to see why I'm offering you the above shot of Mickey rather than the, err, grey one. Personally, I prefer it.

And if you look even carefullier you can see the baby Jesus, I swear it, it's spooky... or is it Buddha..? Anyhow, it's uncanny how Paris platforms can talk to you after jussht a jar or two... eek!

And why not...
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