Friday, 31 August 2012

Hut Mutts & Other Nuts

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Hut Mutts & Other Nuts ~

Hut Mutts & Other Nuts by Paris Set Me Free

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The Ville de Paris welcomes you right in the wan light of a fading afternoon in yet another of these omnipresent parks I keep sharing with you. For you to discover which one if you have a few days to kill and I even know one or two who will!

I love the Paris boat sign atop this little hut-cabin thingy where your ever-vigilant, if chain-smoking and surreptitiously imbibing park attendents spend a certain part of their days, when they're not 'doing the rounds'. For the right person I could see that as the dream job; picking up the odd beer can here, warning the ducks to stay off the grass there, scolding the squirrels for dropping nutshells everywhere and blowing their little whistles at people playing with their balls where they shouldn't be.

Not the job for me, though. Couldn't stand the monotony and lack of actually 'doing' anything much. It's a wonderfully sociable role, mind you, and seeing all these people just...leisuring themselves whilst doing pretty much the same yourself and getting paid for it... can't be too bad.

And you get your own little cabin as one of the perks of the job, we mustn't forget that, with it's little Ville de Paris (VP) boat shield logo and everything. It's thanks to them that I learned that black swans get shipped, err, flown in every summer as I enquired whether it was a problem that one of them seemed to be trying its damnedest to ingurgitate someone's plastic supermarket bag from the bottom of the lake.

Oh, and a hat. I'd seriously look into the employment possibilities for the position if you think it sounds like you. You can't say fairer than that.

And why not...
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