Tuesday, 4 September 2012

LCD Woundsystem

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ LCD Woundsystem ~

LCD Woundsystem by Paris Set Me Free
LCD Woundsystem, a photo by Paris Set Me Free on Flickr.

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And whilst we're on graffiti, here's a beauty, n'est-ce pas?! A splendid story-high 'LCD' in cool urban blue and black, the whole thing unfortunately marred by someone's lamentable attempt to picture a 'burban hothouse but they're planning on blotting the rest out next year, so I hear.

But seriously, you can almost imagine the couple looking down on this disrespectful shite and thinking, Aïee aïee aïeee..., if that's all they can manage... And the 'Testy Donk' don't make up for nuffink either.

Honestly, how moronic could you possibly be to cover such a great piece with such utter crap? Very moronic, is the only possible answer. How can they possibly think that their 'LCD' is an improvement over what was already there? No skill, no subtlety, no message, no brain. Which do you prefer? It's a no-brainer, obviously.

And why not...
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