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Manège Fermé

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Manège Fermé ~

Manège Fermé by Paris Set Me Free
Manège Fermé, a photo by Paris Set Me Free on Flickr.

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Kids, and indeed childhoods, get remembered through poignant little refrains, and I imagine Léo and Léo's will be no exception.

'Manège fermé' (merry-go-round closed) is his current favourite, closely followed by 'Métro fermé' (metro closed), 'église fermée' (church closed), 'parc fermé' (park closed) and practically anything else that is, well, fermé(e). Can you spot a recurring theme here?

In their little worlds and hearts, something as simple as the carousel being closed can be a major disappointment in their day, if not a serious international incident, so you hope it doesn't occur too often.

Here it was the case, though, but luckily the pony's weren't fermé and so the day was (just about) saved, but it was a close call. In my son's mind it's utter madness to close the merry-go-round, although he just about accepts things like parks and churches having their non-funtioning moments.

Ernest proclamations of things being 'cassé' (broken) is another favourite, and it occurs with frightening regularity, given the price of toys nowadays, the little... rascal. So far he hasn't found a way of breaking the carousel, however, so the only potential crisis source is, of course, it resembling the above pic, and in general you sincerely hope it doesn't.

And why not...
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