Friday, 24 August 2012

Poisoning The Pigeons In The Park

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~ Poisoning The Pigeons ~

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Going to the park to feed the ducks used to be such a simple pleasure, what seems like a lifetime ago.

That was before the powers that be decided that not only was bread far from the ideal nutritional suppliment for our webbed-footed friends, but that it also created an unhealthy dependence upon man and his oft-dodgy culinary habits.

Hence... the sprouting of signs like the one above. 'If you love the birds... don't bloody feed them'!

I can't help feeling a little sad that this classic childhood activity has gone the way of playing in the road or going 'down the field' like I used to when I was young at the risk of getting molested or flashed at, or why not kidnapped and ripped to bits like so many pieces of scattered stale crusts...

You still get the 'unconditionals' of course - slightly shady types who arrive with what looks like an entire boulangerie's cast-offs and procede to get mobbed by illiterate pushy pond-life.

But not your average kid, who now risks a night in the nick if so much as suspected as throwing a casual crumb to a duck or a goose or a swan. Sparrows and especially flying rats, err, I mean pigeons are another case altogether and worthy of their own web post if they haven't had one already. For another time. From another time.

And why not...
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