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Scoot On By

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Scoot On By ~

Scoot On By by Paris Set Me Free
Scoot On By, a photo by Paris Set Me Free on Flickr.

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This isn't the first time I've seen a cute little pink kiddie scooter leaning up against some anonymous railing or grill with serious pretentions of grandeur. Look, it's even got its own complementary pastelly powdery purply lock and everything.

Personally, I can't quite envisage the appartment which couldn't accommodate this modest form of transport reasonably easily. Practically, I suppose it saves carting it up a few flights of stairs, but still. If this were mine, I couldn't imagine happily leaving my prized Hello Kitty scooter out in the elements just begging to be swiped, vandalised or simply peeed upon by any passing pooch.

It's not quite forlorn enough for me to wax lyrical about the stealing away of summer and the passing of childhood - after all, it's in pretty spiffing shape in its perfect pink and all, which makes its nonchalent abandonment all the more puzzling.

Perhaps I'm bad-minding Paris or this particular neighbourhood. Perhaps everyone leaves and always has left their violently tinted trikes, bikes and the likes out in all weathers since time immemorial. Perhaps it's a family tradition. Perhaps it's a test. Perhaps I was under intense video surveillance even as I contemplated this enigmatic item wondering whether to steal or pee all over it, just because no-one else seemed to have done so yet and it could only be a matter of time.

Maybe if I'd got any closer waves of stabbing stares and teddy bears would have hailed down on me until I desisted and retreated. As with many Paris mysteries, I guess I'll never know.

And why not...
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