Monday, 10 September 2012

Seine Side Stumblings

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Seine Side Stumblings ~

Seine Side Stumblings by Paris Set Me Free

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At the risk of boring you, I was in Paris today. Not the day I took this shot - this one's been hanging around for a while now - but close enough.

My photo clients for the Saturday morning had just flown in from Sydney with a stopover in Japan but although they didn't seem too worse for wear were still not too sure what day it was nevertheless. I told them it was indeed Saturday morning and they seemed satisfied enough with that.

Here, you'd tell me immediately that the shot wasn't taken on Saturday morning, or any morning for that matter, because the sun don't set that way when looking at the metro coming out of Austerlitz station when seen from the west. Sun rise would see the sun rising, possibly, directly behind the bridge, whereas here it's somewhere over my shoulder, giving a very pleasant warm lighting effect in as much as the iPhone 3 (remember them?) can show it.

The iPhone 5's been released now so you may be seeing a startling change in pics on this blog shortly, in terms of quality (i.e. pixels, not composition etc., obviously; that'll stay just as it is...)

Anyway, the Aussies had told me they'd like to investigate the Saint-Germain des Prés area and the Seine, because that would be nice, wouldn't it. Which is why... we didn't even make it to the Seine, so much was there to see on the Left Bank itself. Well, we finished at the Shakespeare and Company bookstore, which is almost the Seine, I grant you, just across from Notre Dame - ooh, I'm quite getting a feel for the classic shots again.

And why not...
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