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Tanking It To The People

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~ Tanking It To The People ~

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There are a few of these plaques - the one on the wall, not the Renault hubcaps - scattered around the city, and at first it's a bit difficult to know what they're for.

In fact, they honour the first armoured division to enter Paris after its liberation on the 24th August 1944. It was called the 'Colonne Dronne' after the Captain Raymond Dronne and special mention is given to the Spanish republicans who made up the majority of the soldiers. This one's right in the middle of the Pont d'Austerlitz if I remember correctly.

I've just spotted a little column of cigarette butts on the left lying along the edge of the pavement which is quite appropriate, both for the occasion and the French, I reckon.

It's a bit difficult to see but there's a nice version of the Paris boat logo, and above it the double-barred Cross of Lorraine. This latter was the symbol of the French Resistence forces during world war two and is seen here on the backdrop of a map of France.

The only thing I can tell you about the Renault symbol is that it's been through a lot of changes over the last 100 years, including being a car inside a gear wheel and a tank (just after world war 1) before settling on various incarnations of the diamond logo we all know today. You often see it on a yellow square too, which is supposed to be an indication of quality, although who invents these significations I do not know. Looks like their wheel glue could do with a quality upgrade in any case. Hopefully the wheel itself is still attached. As to whether Renault tanks were used in the liberation of Paris... that's one for the history bods, not me.

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