Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Tarred and Feathered

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Tarred & Feathered ~

Tarred and Feathered by Paris Set Me Free
Tarred and Feathered, a photo by Paris Set Me Free on Flickr.

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Who needs guard dogs when you can have guard swans, and mean-looking black ones at that, specially imported for the seasonal occasion?

Actually, the white ones with whom the above beauties share the lake exhibit the more menacing behaviour. These two just want food, which reminds me of my beautiful, impressive-looking, but ultimately nosh searching Czechoslovakian wolf dog / pooch. Their stomachs rule their world.

It's funny to see both pairs, the pure white and pure black swans, inhabiting different parts of their Paris pond, keeping a wary distance and studiously ignoring each other. The black ones seem to have taken over the most propitious food filching end of the lake but the white ones are more aloof and less concerned with grub grabbing than their antipodean cousins.

The pigeons don't seem particularly nonplussed and the geese and ducks just get on with it, business as usual. Even the cheeky little sparrows still manage to sneak in there where heavier webbed feet clumsily fail to tread.

Our tardy couple are only pitched here for the summer and then are somehow shipped off to milder climes I suppose, for their disappearance is almost as unsettling as their arrival. Which is another reason the Parc Montsouris in the 14th is probably my favourite Paris park. What about you?

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