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The Long & The Dead

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ The Long & The Dead ~

  by Paris Set Me Free
The Long & The Dead, a photo by Paris Set Me Free on Flickr.

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Poor old Voltaire, I think it is, has become almost as long and forlorn as the incomprehensible structures which surround him.

Still, as much as anyone, he has the right to exercise his statuesque right to be commemorated where and how he wishes, which he has done here, apparently.

Again, I'm afraid, I'm rather more intrigued by those long square drainpipy things than by Voltaire himself in this case, but I have to admit the complement him marvellously, and checking Google images I'm once again struck by how many (i.e. all) of the images simply show the statue, middle of the frame, slap blame. How can people be so blind to the worth of surroundings which don't include flowers..?

The tones are wonderful too - it's almost a dichromatic or trichromatic image whilst being shot in full colour (and then messed around with a little, I guess).

Voltaire was more than prolific, and can only serve as an example to those of us who pretend to some sort of creativity, in whatever domain that may be. He spent time in the Bastille prison, in exile in the UK and in various places he'd rather not have been, thanks to his outspoken views, in particular on the right of free speech.

In the end I reckon we owe him more than a pale statue in some forgotten Parisian corner patch, but he's inspired me in his turn, which must count for something.

And why not...
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