Monday, 27 August 2012

Things Are Looking Up

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Things Are Looking Up ~

Things Are Looking Up by Paris Set Me Free

BONUS: For Street Photography Fans!

People are always posting pictures of this building as seen from the Promenade Plantée, which goes out from near the Bastille to the west of the city, but rarely from ground level. So I thought I would.

There's a fairly good reason for the usual vantage point - it's picturesque and popular - while the area I took this from is rather grim and uninviting, hanging around the backside of the Gare de Lyon, with dark, sinister tunnels and strange goods entrances and the last thing you'd normally be doing is walking around those parts without a very good reason.

Although a good reason could be to look up and wonder why a police station is crowned, turretted or even wreathed, if you prefer, with Adonis-types looking suitably beautiful and desirous. If it weren't for a whacking great triangle that's quite visibly... missing from their thoraxes, especially when seen from the back, that is.

Apparently this was to reduce their weight but has also increased their intrique and quite a splendid sight it is too, especially when you consider the rest of the almost Stalinesque edifice.

There's a lot to be said for scouring the outer reaches and lesser-trodden areas of Paris, and this is just one more good example why. What have you spotted recently you'd write home about?

And why not...
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