Thursday, 30 August 2012

Unpretentious Pied-à-Terre

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Unpretentious Pied-à-Terre ~

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And just what, you may be wondering, is so remarkable about number 7, Place Valhubert in the 5th arrondissement?

Good question, and the answer's 'nothing, really', apart from the fact that what looks like it could be any fairly posh residence in the 8th or 16th or somewhere is, in fact, the Jardin des Plantes. As simple as that. It's like calling the Jardin des Tuileries number 1, rue de Rivoli or the Jardin de Luxembourg number 47 Boulevard Saint-Michel or something like that; it's just a bit bizarre, that's all.

Valhubert was one of Napoleon's generals killed at the battle of Austerlitz who at least got his own place on the Seine for his efforts.

Apparently numbering was only introduced in the 1950s, but I didn't see a letterbox, and who would you be addressing it to anyway? One of the animals in the menagerie perhaps. Or that stegosaurus or the wooly mammoth who stares woefully over the road to the local McDonalds maybe.

Does anyone know what number 67bis, Quai Branly, would be, according to my calculations, by the way? You should check it out some time. Apparently there's quite a nice view from the roof.

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