Wednesday, 12 September 2012

When Creativity's Not Enough

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ When Creativity's Not Enough ~

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Sometimes I envy those blogs which seem to follow that recent internet joke thing I saw. I've forgotten the lead-in, but the punchline was along the lines of 'Failing that (i.e. having anything actually interesting to share) just show us another picture of your lunch'.

It's amazing how many bloggers do this, and equally amazing how many people seem to find it worth their time to reply with comments like 'Yum yum!' or 'Paris, here I come...'. Don't they have lives?

They have comments, though. My theory is that my readers are both so sophisticated and cramming so much of value into their days they simply don't have time to fritter away on vacuous fluff, which is quite alright by me.

To be honest, if I actually did show you pictures of my lunch I probably would get a few comments telling me to get back to weird plaques, grimy drain covers and oddball street sculpture where I belong. I can appreciate that. And I don't think you would appreciate my lunch most of the time. Since when was a coffee cup worthy of 15 seconds of fame?

Maybe, though, I could start a new blog where I take a picture of my coffee mug and its contents at a precise moment of every day. Stupider things have been done, I'm sure. The guy who's taken a daily picture of himself at 9:09 unfailingly for ten years would get me. Perhaps I could get restaurants to sponsor me to eat chez eux for a free photo on the internationally renowned, mouthwateringly followed and gushingly commented 'My Lunch' blog. Hang on, let's see if one already exists...

Yep, I knew it, a full three course meal of the things. With a free aperitif and bottle of wine thown in. Number One on the list was the "It's My Lunch Blog: A Daily Lunch Photo Blog from Japan". Phew, no need to do that then. Although the coffee mug idea's still niggling me... but is it stupid enough? And don't get me wrong here - 'stupid' can be a compliment if you're committed enough to do it.

And why not...
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