Thursday, 22 November 2012

American Erection Special

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ American Erection Special ~

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Ah, that great and fascinating four-yearly event, the American Erection... what? Oh, pardon, yes, I see what they've done there, ho-ho.

I always like to check out the news stand displays for any funny juxtapositions - none here but still revelatory as to what's going on in the world and the French psyche to an extent.

And it always amazes me that they have porn magazines (well, the covers at least) out on the street for everyone to enjoy. I always wonder what little kids think of them. "Mummy, why did that woman forget her knickers..?" The mind boggles as to the possible responses. But then I've got a feeling such questions simply don't get asked - that's just the way things are. And when you can have train-sized ads for the Galeries Lafayette of a naked woman with her underwear dangling from her big toe in the street and the metro I guess anything goes.

The bottom two do give a flavour of the crisis-ridden state of things at the moment. Doom-laden full-page headlines (Mourir? Plutot crever - Die? I'd rather, err, kick the bucket...) vie for our attention with hopeful special features on how to render our businesses more profitable and competitive - 'How to boost our companies - 50 tips for making it through...' or words to that effect.

Magazines and even the guys who run these little pavement stalls are suffering along with the rest of us, so there's a certain irony that they themselves are struggling whilst claiming to tell us how not to. Life goes on...

And why not...
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