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Apology & Explanation

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Apology & Explanation ~

My first ever Paris and I blog photo!

I've been away. Or rather my ability to keep you posted with iPhone photos has been severely compromised since my said iPhone bit the dust.

I'm sorry. Believe me, it's hurt me as much as it's hurt you. Can you imagine how painful it's been for me to keep quiet about Paris and life in general for the last two months? And the hiatus isn't over yet. I still haven't got a new phone. I could easily have got the new Samsung Galaxy III but I'm so attached to my Paris and I blog, with the 'i' standing for iPhone as well as eye and... I, that I couldn't imagine betraying its origins. And so I wait.

The wonders were only just beginning
In the meantime I thought I'd share the very first iPhone images I posted here over two and a half years ago. Can you believe it! Back in those days I was only writing a handful of lines, not the long rambling diatribes you know and love today.

Look at the first one ever - a view from the train heading out from Gare du Nord, with a rather pleasing composition of depressing towerblocks, even if I do say so myself.

And this second: I can just about remember the day. Can two and a half years really have gone by since then? I'll be coming on for a thousand photos soon, that's incredible. It just goes to show what you can do a little at a time. Quite a legacy. Quite a scary thing, seeing your life going by, but a nice colourful way to spend it I guess.

And this third one. A spooky Paris passage way, possibly the dubiously named Passage du Désir, of all things.

I spent the first year of the blog's existence writing the word 'I' with a small letter. How precious. But it's done now, and like practically everything i, I mean 'I' have created, I won't be going back to change it or regret it either. Any creation's a good thing if you ask me. Which is why I love those who create, even if it's something as modest as a little photo blog on their home town like mine.

This is the first time I've managed to keep something like this going so long, which is one reason I'm upset at having to wait so long for my new iPhone. You get used to doing certain things, and habits set in. Now I've had to create another blog or two, for my Nikon pictures (Nikon and Me) and a sort of creative artistic and poetic diary (Abstract Mystic) to satisfy this strange need I have to get words out there.

The darker side of the city... my side
It's a strange calling. Maybe no-one cares. But the very act of writing and publishing to anyone who's interested seems to relieve something in me. Some sort of tension which builds up on a daily basis. And then maybe there are others like me who know what I'm talking about. I feel my new iPhone is near so I won't have to resort to desperate measures such as this for long.

I appreciate those of you who have stuck with me and read my words on a regular, or even occasional basis. That's worth a lot to me and I thank you for it. You know who you are, even if I don't.

The topics may not always interest you; I may not always get the mix right. But in the end I'm doing it to maintain a link with the universe and the rest of you out there, hoping you can enjoy something of my vision of this city and this life as I do.

The tone may be reflective, irreverent or downright silly, and I hope that's alright with you, because it's just me.

Here's to another two and a half years, and who knows, maybe two and a half decades of Paris pics taken and messed around with on my not-so-trusty Apple iPhone, damn it! See you down in the streets for a new episode of Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles shortly, and thanks again.

And why not...
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