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Boissonerie Poissonerie

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~ Boissonerie Poissonerie ~

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Can you see what they've done here, the sneaks?! What used to be an honest-to-goodness fish shop has been slyly transformed into a boutique of distilled debauchery.

I'm surprised they were even allowed to do such a thing, as this facade is surely (or surely should be) on some list of protected fab store fronts somewhere.

And what have they done, some of you will be wondering? They've turned 'Poissonnerie' (fishmonger) into 'Boissonnerie' (umm, beermugger?) by adding a few carefully placed tiles to the 'P'. Clever. Naughty, but clever. I wonder what the drinks taste like - glass of kipper liquour, anyone?

Paris has a lot of ornate traditional storefronts, for butchers, bakers, public baths and even the odd horsemeat trader, although I'm yet to see a candlestick maker, but I live in hope. And as the traditional trade fade away they are being taken over by hotels and clothing boutiques but if we're lucky they keep the exterior, leading to a curious and not unpleasant mixture of old and new.

Which pretty much sums up Paris really. Old and new. Check out the Louvre or the Palais Royal or the Pompidou Centre for ample evidence of this... I rest my case.

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