Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Fairy Lights & Metro Nights

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Fairy Lights & Metro Nights ~

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OK, now that I'm two months behind because of my sick iPhone problem, we're going to have shots of Christmas lights in September if I respect the one-photo-a-day rule and get things (back) up to date.

Then again, rather cynically, that's not so far from the truth. Here we are in November and one of Paris' most famous bookstores, Gibert Jeune, is in full festive swing. I made a mistake - Diane Kruger is switching the Christmas light on on the Champs Elysées tonight, err, that would be the 21st November, 2012, if my sources are to be relied upon. One month before the day, give or take, so acceptable, I guess.

I wonder if they'll have the loopy hoopy things they had last year or go for another power-saving design. They have this dilemma, of making the 'most beautiful avenue in the world' just that whilst setting an energy respecting example for the rest of the nation. Oh well.

The metro sign seems to be echoing and certainly complementing Gibert Jeune's corporate yellow, and I can never remember if it's 'Jeune' (young) or 'Jaune' (yellow), but if that's the only thing I have to worry about I guess I'm doing pretty well.

You'll be noticing some fairly heavy processing here (that's me) but without the characteristic iPhone apps look you'll be used to and love so much, evidently. It's kind of refreshing getting away from Apple apps for a while, but this week might be the one I get my proper new phone and then it's back to fun and frolicks from the Apple iStore for all the family. I'm rambling. See you next shot.

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