Monday, 24 September 2012

Imagining You, Imagining Me

Paris iPhone Photo Chronicles
~ Imagining You, Imagining Me ~

BONUS: For Street Photography Fans!

If it isn't booze or cigarettes it's coffee or tea or McDonalds or Coca Cola, or something even more evil; when you think about it, our entire society is staggering forward through a drug-enduced stupor...

Anyway... here's a lovely old licit substances drug emporium down one of Paris' most charming side passages, the almost too perfect Cours du Commerce Saint-André just off Odéon.

I slipped into the oft-off-limits Cours de Rohan too yesterday, but that's another story.

The whole area is full of interesting street corners, graffiti, art and architecture, and a photographer's paradise to roam around. As I did and do on a regular basis.

The mosaïc shopfront decorator; now there's a dying profession. Today it's all neon illuminated nothingness - a sad loss but with photographic opportunities of its own if truth be told. You just have to know where, and how to look.

I'd love to be able to go back one or two or five hundred years to these same street corners to see what life in the streets was like then. Will someone one or two or five hundred years hence be saying the same thing about our days?

Did anyone wonder about us, hundreds of years in the future, wondering about them (wondering about us) so long long ago? We'll never know, but if anyone reads these words hundreds of years in the future, they will.

And why not...
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